Marianne Libregts Zebra art oil painting schilderij commission kunst

Zebras (commissioned painting)

This friendly painting of two Zebras was commissioned in 2017. It was a beautiful journey to South-Africa so to speak 😉

Lots of Love,

India – A Tropical Surprise

When I paint I do so with passion, even more when the subject is my beautiful and tropical granddaughter, India. A true tropical surprise because she was born on my birthday, what a blessing that was. And of course she proudly says we are twins 😉

This portrait is painted in oil on canvas, size 50 x 60 cm (20 x 24 inch). Not for sale.

Peace & lots of love,

Messenger from Heaven II

This is the second painting in my series Messengers from Heaven.

This painting is painted in oil on canvas. It is painted the classic way with brushes. I used only three colours.
Size: 60 cm x 80 cm (24 x 32 inch) including frame. For Sale.

Peace & Lots of Love,

Great Wisdom

As I love elephants this painting came straight from my heart. With this one I want to show the great wisdom of this marvellous animal.

This painting is made with oil paint on canvas. I used a pallet knife. Size is 50 x 140 cm (20 x 55 inch).This painting is for sale.

Peace & Lots of Love,