The birth of new suns

This painting makes me happy,it’s telling us that there are many people waking up and start to know that we are the light, We are the creators of a new world filled with love,peace and freedom and respect for all living creatures and plants on our planet.

We are all connected, we are all family,don’t let them divide us

Lots of love peace and freedom.


Endless Time

This painting has a message for all of us.

We need to live our life as children,with no borders,enjoy everything,also the little things of life.

Live from your heart, full of love and create a beautiful world.

We are meant to create and connect with each other, we are the creators off a better and more lovely world,we are the light,we are the love we are the true.And remember we are sovereign, we are free.

Lots of love peace and freedom


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Lighter energy

The message was that the energie becoming lighter,not that the whole situation will be over in months, but people are waking up.They start to see the scam.

Take a step back get really quiet then you get a much better view of the situation, the light will win.

Lots of love,peace and freedom.


Struggle between darkness and light

This is a painting that came from my heart. I painted with my hands ,just to see what it would become,to expiring something else.Times are still confusing for many people,but the light will win,and people will see that we only need each other and a lot of love to heal this and take back their lifes, we are sovereign, and free.

Lots of love peace and freedom,


The Army of light beings

This is a painting right from my heart.When I looked at the empty canvas I saw what I had to paint.

It was a message from above,for all the people here on earth,keep your frequencies high,know that the army of light ,the fighters for love and freedom are helping us ,even when it doesn’t seem like it .Keep up your strength and believe.

We are building a better world based on love for each other, and not on division and hate,as they are trying to press us in.

Lots of love peace and freedom,


Uprising frequencies

This painting is small,but with a lot of energy in it.Our planet is moving into another frequency from 3D to 5D,and the frequency of a lot of people are changing also .We are becoming more conscious and aware and ,God bless,awake.

This painting has the promise of a better world in it.

Lots of love peace and freedom,


The portals to unconditional love, abundance and happiness.

We are the light,we are the love ,we are the truth we need to spread the light, the love and the truth ,to bring our planet and ourselves in a higher frequency, so that we can make a better world,without all the bad and lies that are ruling now.

Lots of love,peace,and freedom ,


Old blind surinam woman

This is a portrait of the grandmother of the mother of a friend of mine.

She is very old and lives in Surinam.she is blind ,it was not a easy thing to do, but I loved it any way .

She is the mother of the surinam women I painted before with all the animals around her.

It’s done in acrylics and not such a big painting, it was a commission.

Lots of love peace and freedom.