The love of a child

This painting is very personal, it’s my granddaughter and her father. She lives in Italy and because of the whole pandemic scale she couldn’t she him for month’s. She is only twelfth and really depressed by the whole situation. I am so scared for the impact on these young children for the rest of their lives. Keeping them apart from family and friends ,not having a normal life it’s child abuse in my eyes. And for nothing.. A young generation sacrificed for old people who where most of them already sick and on the end of their lives,and not even so many death’s as with a normal influenza.

I made this as a comfort for her.

Lots of love and peace and normal freedom.


Part of the universe

This painting I made after I saw photos of parts of the universe.I didn’t know that it had so many beautiful colours, I couldn’t imagine the beauty of it.So I decided to try to paint it,it was a lot of work ,so many planets wherever you looked,but it was great fun to see how it became real.this will not be the last one😉.Imagine this is just a tiny part of it,so beautiful.

This painting is made in acrylics.

It is 50cm x 100cm.for sale

Lots of love and peace,


Two great artists

This painting I love,because these are two great artist I admire. It is painted with acrylics in silver metallic and copper that made it a bit more difficult, because it’s very shiny. It was not easy to make a good picture I chose te one less shiny otherwise you couldn’t see the details.

Lots of love and peace,marianne

The king of reggae

This painting I made because it was great fun, I love his music and his personality.

I made it in the same style as the reggae musician before,popart is nice to do sometimes .

So I painted the king of reggae and the prince .. both in acrylics.

Lots of love and peace,


Tropical woman

My work is finished, it was busy so I Didn’t had the time to keep you updated. This work is a bit different than normal,but what is normal anyway.

I love it, the animals are done in acrylics ,the woman in oilpaint that explains the difference colour .

The painting is 50×60 cm.

Lots of peace and love marianne