Metallic universe

This is a smaller painting, and I wanted to do it differently .So I did it in metallic colours ,but still the beautiful universe ofcourse.

Unfortunately you can’t get the true shining on the picture, but that’s because I have to make a picture with my Mobile phone.

Hope you like it anyway, I certainly do.

Wish you all lots of love peace and freedom.



The universe became for me a source of endless inspiration. I painted it in this position, but he looks great in every position, you can put it upside down our even on the small side ,everytime you see new details.

Its 70×140 cm and ofcourse for sale .

Lots of love peace and freedom,Marianne

This is me

Hello there ,dearest people I want to wish you all a very nice and healthy 2021.

Filled with a lot of love hugs and freedom.I believe that the only solution for a better life is living from the heart filled with love for all the creatures on the planet,and ofcourse with love for our planet.Last but not least don’t forget to love yourself.

Bless you all

Lots of love and peace



Then I put the paintings on the floor to varnishes them and I was shocked to see that they became one painting, It just appears, I couldn’t believe what I saw .I was very excited, now I understand why I was out of breath all the time.Greatful for the help from above.I hope you love my latest work .

Lots of love,peace and freedom,





This is the second one,I started with eyes,because that came right into my mind and then,I just went on and on I couldn’t stop.when I was finished I saw what it became and I was amazed to see what
it was.It was not that I wanted it to become this it just appeared ,thanks for the inspiration from above.

That was not the end,see my next post.

Lots of love , peace and freedom


Answers from above

This came right from my soul,I was very short of breath doing this,and it went away while It was almost finished.

I rather wanted to make a bigger painting but at that point I had only 2 canvases from 50×50 cm.

So I made right after this one an other one. See my next post

Lots of love peace and freedom



This painting is right out of my soul,it’s the beautiful universe with which we are all connected.

The substance from which we are built,the source of all life.

That’s why we are all connected .

Lots of love peace and great freedom


Oppression of humanity

This work isn’t finished yet,it is a work in progress .

This dark times in which, the people are misled in order to get control over them and make them slaves of the establishment , makes me very angry.

Children are suffering and so do many others all for the so called great reset.

I’m happy to see many people are waking up ,that’s the light on the horizon.

Let’s hope we’ll stay free and our children can play with each other again and speak out freely for the rest of their lives.

Lots of love peace and freedom


Earth and Rising Sun

This painting is in acrylics

It’s 75cm x 115 cm for sale