Atomic spheres

In this painting I tried to show the dust that you can find everywhere in the univers,

While I was painting I felt what it was telling me about the time we are in now.We can not see through now ,everything is hidden,we don’t know exactly what their plans are,and we are going through a difficult time.

But on the other hand the planet moves to a higher frequency and so are most people and that will bring us into a better world, where we will be free to life our lives the way we want social an more spiritual, as it was meant to be.

Lots of love peace and freedom,


Source of life

This is about the cooperation between the sun and the earth,the sun that makes things grow,that gives us energie ,the beginning of all things lays in this cooperation, How beautiful is that?

I wish you all lots of love, peace and freedom ,



This painting stands for energy,the energy of life,the energy we all have inside, the energy of true deep love for ourselves and all the people and everything  that  lives on our planet.So that it will become a planet of love and peace.

Lots of love peace and true freedom,



This one ,says somethings about the person you can find inside the biggest planet.He is an musician, Sometimes he sees himself,as the middle of the universe,that’s why I painted him in this bright planet surrounded bij lots of planets that are sparkling out of is head. That’s the music they represent the music notes ,so this painting shows that he’s always filled with music ,from reggae to classic all music is fine it’s his life.

This is a small painting 50x50cm,in acrylics, hope you love it.

Lots of love,peace and freedom,



This is a small painting from the Univetse,but so full of life ,It brings hope in the hearts of people and joy because we are a part of it.

This is made in acrylics because it works fast and I like that.

It’s 50cm x50 cm.

Lots of love peace and freedom



This is a painting,the first one I painted in this new year.It’s a very powerful painting,for me it’s love, courage ,and power.Looking at it,makes me feel hopeful and happy,knowing everything will be alright.

It’s a big painting which I love,1.50 x 2.00 m. It looks good on a wall and brightning up the whole space.

Everything you see is for sale.

Lots of love peace and freedom


Metallic universe

This is a smaller painting, and I wanted to do it differently .So I did it in metallic colours ,but still the beautiful universe ofcourse.

Unfortunately you can’t get the true shining on the picture, but that’s because I have to make a picture with my Mobile phone.

Hope you like it anyway, I certainly do.

Wish you all lots of love peace and freedom.



The universe became for me a source of endless inspiration. I painted it in this position, but he looks great in every position, you can put it upside down our even on the small side ,everytime you see new details.

Its 70×140 cm and ofcourse for sale .

Lots of love peace and freedom,Marianne

This is me

Hello there ,dearest people I want to wish you all a very nice and healthy 2021.

Filled with a lot of love hugs and freedom.I believe that the only solution for a better life is living from the heart filled with love for all the creatures on the planet,and ofcourse with love for our planet.Last but not least don’t forget to love yourself.

Bless you all

Lots of love and peace



Then I put the paintings on the floor to varnishes them and I was shocked to see that they became one painting, It just appears, I couldn’t believe what I saw .I was very excited, now I understand why I was out of breath all the time.Greatful for the help from above.I hope you love my latest work .

Lots of love,peace and freedom,