Reggae lion

This painting is just a joke,a friend of mine loves reggae so much and also lions because of the lion of Ethiopian.So I made him one I already made such a lion but without the reggae colours.made with love.

This is a painting in acrylics 50 cm x 50 cm.

I wish you lots of love peace and freedom, Marianne

Optimistic colours

This painting I made in November 2022 for me this is always difficult because it is abstract and that is not my thing .

I always get the feeling that I’m not good enough but this one I like because of his nice colours.

It’s a painting in acrylics 60 x80 cm. made with love.

I wish you all lots of love and peace, Marianne

Vacation on the beach

This is my youngest grandson,I made this painting last month to complete a set of paintings .I made in the same style,one painting of my granddaughter and one of my other grandson they are brothers and sister I loved to paint them this way.

They are all handmade and 140 cmx70 cm. Free style in acrylics.made with love.

Lots of love and peace,Marianne

The birth of new suns

This painting makes me happy,it’s telling us that there are many people waking up and start to know that we are the light, We are the creators of a new world filled with love,peace and freedom and respect for all living creatures and plants on our planet.

We are all connected, we are all family,don’t let them divide us

Lots of love peace and freedom.


Endless Time

This painting has a message for all of us.

We need to live our life as children,with no borders,enjoy everything,also the little things of life.

Live from your heart, full of love and create a beautiful world.

We are meant to create and connect with each other, we are the creators off a better and more lovely world,we are the light,we are the love we are the true.And remember we are sovereign, we are free.

Lots of love peace and freedom


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Lighter energy

The message was that the energie becoming lighter,not that the whole situation will be over in months, but people are waking up.They start to see the scam.

Take a step back get really quiet then you get a much better view of the situation, the light will win.

Lots of love,peace and freedom.