Part of the universe

This painting I made after I saw photos of parts of the universe.I didn’t know that it had so many beautiful colours, I couldn’t imagine the beauty of it.So I decided to try to paint it,it was a lot of work ,so many planets wherever you looked,but it was great fun to see how it became real.this will not be the last one😉.Imagine this is just a tiny part of it,so beautiful.

This painting is made in acrylics.

It is 50cm x 100cm.for sale

Lots of love and peace,


Two great artists

This painting I love,because these are two great artist I admire. It is painted with acrylics in silver metallic and copper that made it a bit more difficult, because it’s very shiny. It was not easy to make a good picture I chose te one less shiny otherwise you couldn’t see the details.

Lots of love and peace,marianne

The king of reggae

This painting I made because it was great fun, I love his music and his personality.

I made it in the same style as the reggae musician before,popart is nice to do sometimes .

So I painted the king of reggae and the prince .. both in acrylics.

Lots of love and peace,


Tropical woman

My work is finished, it was busy so I Didn’t had the time to keep you updated. This work is a bit different than normal,but what is normal anyway.

I love it, the animals are done in acrylics ,the woman in oilpaint that explains the difference colour .

The painting is 50×60 cm.

Lots of peace and love marianne